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Hostelbook has just launched a Facebook application - Backpacker!

We invite all past, current and future travelers to and to enjoy our brand new, revolutionary and fun service, Backpacker!

Click here to add this application to your Facebook account

Add this application to your Facebook account today!

Just add the "Backpacker" application within Facebook (it takes a second) and you can immediately write up past adventures, find friends you've met in your travels, whether in a hostel or elsewhere, and plan future travel – not only based on accommodation criteria, but on who is traveling and where they are staying! Feel free to browse your friends' hostel reviews and travel recommendations! And whilst you are at it, write your interactive travel blogs – your friends are likely to read it on Facebook!

Facebook has 400+ million users and is growing incredibly quickly – a testimony that it is a fantastic social networking tool. It is almost effortless to register, and if you aren't on Facebook already, you will no doubt re-discover friends you haven't seen in ages.

We are confident that our Backpacker application will make your Facebook experience more enjoyable and will phenomenally improve your future travel experiences.